Three must have products from Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s collection


Kylie Jenner has shown fans her Valentine’s day makeup collection and it looks like its going to be amazing. The collection includes pallets, lipsticks and of course amazing packaging. Here’s three must have items from the collection.

The Valentine’s Lip Sets

Starting off strong, this is probably my favorite item on this list. Kylie Jenner is releasing three different lip sets with this collection. That’s right, lip sets not lip kits. These sets include a liner, lip stick and a gloss.

These sets look AMAZING. What better way to get the perfect Kylie lip than with the complete Kylie lip collection.

There are three different sets and their names are certainly Valentine’s Day appropriate. The names include: The Love Set, The Soulmate Set and The Forever Set.

The packaging is just as cute as the sets. Each tube comes with a blush lid making them stand out against the normal Kylie lip sticks. They come in blush boxes with “Kylie” written in sparkly red.

Kylie never fails to create both an amazing product with equally amazing packaging. This time is no different.

According to The Daily Mail Kylie has been promoting all this non stop and has even made a makeup tutorial to go with it. This must have been before she got strep throat.

Roses are Red Glitter Eye

This collection also includes some Glitter Eyes tubes. These tubes are packed with so much pigment. This is the perfect thing to add to your makeup kit if you want to pack an extra punch to your every day look.

The Roses are Red color is the perfect shade for going out or just going to work. The glitter eye is a great way to dress up your every day look.

It creates a metallic shine on the eye and according to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, it has an intense shine and reflects.

The only thing I don’t understand about this? It’s called “Roses are Red” but is pink. A small detail but also one that makes no sense. Call me crazy.

I’ve Got a Crush Blush

I’m not a big fan of blushes, but Kylie Cosmetics cranks out some really pretty shades. This season, Kylie Jenner is releasing a peachy blush that will certainly look good long past Valentine’s day.

Kylie also just redid her formula for blush, bronzer and highlighter so your bound to get a great product if you stick with Kylie on this one.

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This collection launches February 1st and we can’t wait! Let us know in the comments if you will be picking up any of these awesome products!