Kendall Jenner: Straight out of the 90s in new post


Kendall Jenner is always on a different page than her sisters. Instead being glam, Kendall often posts more tomboy type photo. This is even true when it comes to her advertising posts.

Kendall Jenner looks like a 90s model

Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram promoting new Adidas shoes.

The post was captioned: “#ULTRABOOST 19 by @adidasrunning 👟🌈Available February 21st. #Createdwithadidas #adidas_Ambassador”

The post was clearly focused around the shoes but everything else about it looked to be from the nineties.

First of all, the blanket Kendall was posing on is a blanket that everyone’s grandma probably has. Or at least mine has it. This heavy quilted blanket is something I have slept under many times and has quite the old school pattern on it.

Kendall’s outfit on the other hand looks like something Rachel from friends would wear. The model rocked a thin tank top with no bra. Since the tank top is so thin, you can pretty much see EVERYTHING going on underneath. Even that she isn’t wearing a bra.

Kendall also sported some denim capris finishing off the outfit perfectly. Even the shoes she was advertising completed the outfit well.

The modern tennis shoes still have an old school vibe to them. This is super fitting for the model since she also seems to have an old school vibe to her!

The best part of the photo? You can see a dog (presumably Kendall’s) in the corner of the last photo. Who doesn’t love a cute dog photo?

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Kendall is facing a lot of backlash over the Fyre Festival scandal and her modeling agency could be  subpoenaed over it according to The Guardian.

What do you think of Kendall’s nineties look? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Jenner news. You never know what one of them will post next but it will probably be pretty exciting.