Futuristic Kylie Jenner: Robot does makeup, ends up super creepy


Kylie Jenner always has crazy makeup looks, but this one is brand new. Kylie “had her makeup done by robots” and she looks totally different in the photo.

Kylie’s photo gets makeup done by robots

Kylie Jenner rocks different makeup looks. She experiments with colors and nudes. Of course, she always looks amazing. Now, a robot has done her makeup and she looks totally different.

According to Cosmopolitan, a robot came up with makeup looks for her. She worked with Daze magazine to make the looks happen. Daze used a company called Beauty_GAN. The company generates beauty images without human help.”

How Beauty_GAN did it

Beauty_GAN looked at 17,000 Instagram posts. 17,000!!! I mean I look at Instagram a lot, but that is an insane amount of times to scroll through Instagram.

What was the AI looking for? What society thinks is “perfect.” Of course, there is no such thing, that’s probably why the images of Kylie Jenner ended up looking so crazy.

The AI used that info to put makeup on Kylie, and it doesn’t look like her. Like at all. Take a look for yourself:



How is that even Kylie Jenner? She doesn’t look to have the same face at all. Pretty much the only way you can tell it’s her is by looking at her eye color. In addition, she has had pink hair before so I guess she has that going for her.

How creepy is this one??


That one looks a little more like Kylie just because of the hair color and we do get to see half her face. Although they do look creepy, they also look really cool and artsy. I think they would make some really cool posters.

We are just over here waiting for Kylie to get engaged, meanwhile she’s doing crazy things like playing with robots. There’s one more photo of Kylie Jenner we want to show, and be warned it’s probably the weirdest one yet:


Yep, I might have nightmares. Cool, artsy nightmares.

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What do you think of Kylie’s makeup by robots? Let us know you favorite photo in the comments and stay tuned for more Jenner family news. You never know when one of them will hang out with robots next.