Kylie Jenner: Family didn’t support Travis at major performance


Travis Scott, boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, just did a HUGE performance. AKA the halftime show of the Super Bowl. However, it appears Kylie was the only one there. Does her family support Travis?

Do the Kardashians like Travis?

According to Cosmopolitan, no one besides Kylie Jenner was there supporting Travis Scott. Travis performed at the Super Bowl last night. He came in literally on fire and put on a good show. However, it was sadly pretty short.

Why was Kylie’s family not there cheering him on? It looks like a lot of the fam was actually hanging with Kanye West. Could they not even tune in to see Travis?

Normally, the Kardashian family is overly involved in everyone’s lives. Thinking about it though, we don’t see them around Travis a lot. This is odd considering Kylie Jenner literally has a kid with him. Seems like Kris Jenner should be all over her baby’s baby daddy.

I’m sure there’s some good reason they couldn’t come. I just can’t help but wonder if they aren’t crazy about Travis or something. No matter what, Kylie seems smitten with him

Travis didn’t propose to Kylie Jenner

Unfortunately, it would appear Travis Scott didn’t propose to Kylie last night during his show. I was so hoping he would. I’m sure he has something even bigger and better planned for her though.

Or, maybe he did it in secret. You never know with those two. Kylie seems to always be playing with fans when it comes to rings and new babies. Including in her Instagram post. It looked like she was pregnant but then she says she wasn’t.

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Do you think the KarJenner family likes Travis? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian news. You never know when Travis will propose but you don’t want to miss out!