Kim Kardashian: Fighting off haters while suffering from skin condition


Kim Kardashian suffers from Psoriasis, and reporters have been hating on her for it. However, Kim isn’t letting them bring her down. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth on what’s going on with her.

Kim Kardashian suffers from Psoriasis

It’s no secret Kim Kardashian suffers from Psoriasis. Although a famous star, she still suffers from conditions of being human.

According to USA Today, recently, a news outlet called out Kim for her face skin. Right before her master class for makeup she is having a flare up on her face.

Kim Kardashian was pretty straight up about what’s going on. She wasn’t afraid to tweet out exactly what is doing on with her skin.

No matter what kind of “skin day” Kim Kardashian is having, she is always looking amazing.

Just recently she posted a stunning photo in nude makeup. The star is rocking blonde platinum locks and a glossy lip. We can’t get over how beautiful she always looks.

Although it’s sad to know Kim does suffer with her skin, it’s nice to know that even celebs deal with human problems. She’s also a great role model when it comes to handling those issues. She doesn’t let anyone bring her down.

Kardashian sisters in makeup lawsuit

Skim conditions aren’t the only things going on. The Kardashian sisters just recently had a big victory. The Kardashian sisters won a pretty big chunk of cash from finally ending a makeup lawsuit that has gone on for quite some time.

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What do you think about the way the news sources are handling Kim’s condition? Do you think they were rude? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian news!