Kylie Jenner shares her first meal daily on her post-pregnancy diet: Her KUWTK breakfast stuns!


Kylie Jenner just dished up the details of her breakfast on her post-pregnancy diet, and we’re amazed by what the KUWTK star revealed!

Kylie Jenner has wowed her fans with her weight loss success after welcoming her first baby into the world.

Now the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star is revealing exactly what she eats for her first meal of the day on her post-pregnancy diet.

Kylie Jenner has a history with eggs: Are they in her post-baby diet breakfast?

Kylie shared her breakfast basics on her Instagram stories, reported Bravo.

We were curious about two topics:

  • After being trounced by an egg for Instagram likes, does Jenner still like eggs?
  • Kylie once confessed that she didn’t experience the joys of milk on her cereal until she was 20 years old. Is she now a cereal and milk gourmand?

Jenner answered both those questions on social media, and we’re stunned by what she eats to keep those curves.

Jenner definitely starts out the day right when it comes to her diet.

Kylie Jenner loves her breakfast

If you consider coffee with milk and a frosted Pop-Tart an adequate breakfast, or if you’re on a diet where you try to jump-start your day with just half a grapefruit and tablespoon of cottage cheese, you’ll be stunned by everything that Kylie eats for breakfast.

Jenner enjoys creating a juice blend for breakfast. It includes everything from celery to apple to ginger and carrots.

And despite losing to an egg photo on Instagram for likes, Kylie enjoys eggs for breakfast.

Jenner is very specific about those eggs on her diet,  however.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star likes them “well done” and scrambled.

Kylie Jenner is a believer in bacon

Bacon lovers, rejoice!

Kylie is putting the stamp of KUWTK approval on bacon.

In addition to bacon and those eggs washed down with juice for breakfast, Jenner nibbles on avocado. She also eats toast with that huge breakfast.

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Are you surprised at how much Kylie Jenner eats for breakfast? Do you plan to try her recommendation for “well-done” scrambled eggs?