Kylie Jenner offended by comments, did Nick Cannon go too far?


Nick Cannon made some pretty intense comments recently and apparently they hurt Kylie Jenner. Do you think Nick crossed a line when it comes to the beauty star?

Nick Cannon calling out Kylie Jenner

According to Hollywood Life, Nick Cannon is subbing in for Wendy Williams right now but for more than just the talk show. He’s also taking over on bashing the KaJenner family including Kylie Jenner.

Nick starting calling out Kylie Jenner for getting lip fillers at such a young age. Is that something for everyone? Probably not. Is it something to make fun of someone for? Definitely not.

Kylie Jenner was super offended, no surprise there. He compared her to Danielle Bregoli, and even sister Kim Kardashian got mad. Nick was saying at least Danielle didn’t get plastic surgery when she was young. Ouch.

Kylie tries really hard to be a good role model, so this was super painful for her to hear according to Hollywood Life. She’s even a great mom to Stormi, another reason to be offended.

Kim gets mad for Kylie

Kim and Kanye got mad about how Nick was talking about Kylie. They already had some beef with Nick so this isn’t a surprise. The first time Nick made them mad he backed down.

However, now he’s back at it. It looks like the fire between them all might be reignited. I would stay out of Kanye’s way if I were Nick. He doesn’t take kindly to people messing with his family.

Why we think Nick is wrong

We LOVE Kylie’s lips and he ability to do whatever she wants. Kylie was insecure about her lips growing up. We are all insecure about something. Why not make the changes you want?

Life is short and everyone should do what they want to feel beautiful. If I had as much money as Kylie, you better believe I would have big lips too!

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Do you think Nick was going to far with his comments about Kylie Jenner? Let us know what you think about what he said in the comments.