Kris Jenner posts funny Instagram video of Ellen DeGeneres scaring Kendall Jenner over Ben Simmons


Kris Jenner usually is one proud mama on Instagram. But when Ellen DeGeneres scared daughter Kendall, it was humor that caused Kris to share!

Kris Jenner is famous as the determined mom/manager (alias momager) of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) clan.

Usually, that translates into Kris posting plenty of photos of all her daughters’ accomplishments (with an occasional nod to Rob Kardashian, her son who has ups and downs…and, well, we’ll leave it there for now).

But when Kendall Jenner appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, it was the humor rather than the pride that caused Kris to share on Instagram.

Kris Jenner responds to Ellen scaring Kendall Jenner

Here’s what happened: Kendall Jenner visited Ellen on the talk show episode that aired Friday.

And as Elle pointed out, the model confessed that she was upset about being the only member of the KUWTK clan not to get a scary prank on the show. Kris almost collapsed over her scare, for example, confessing that she peed her pants out of fear, and Kim Kardashian got terrified of a fake spider.

So DeGeneres timed it perfectly.

First, she listened to the model insist that she didn’t feel “genuinely offended” that she had not been scared in the manner of Kris or Taylor Swift (the singer is one of the many celebs who seemed truly frightened by one of Ellen’s infamous pranks).

Then Ellen began asking Kendall to talk about Ben Simmons, the boyfriend who seems to have lasted the longest in recent history. Just when the possibilities were getting interesting (how serious are they?), someone who looked like Kris Jenner jumped up out of the side table.


Kris Jenner loves the prank, doesn’t comment on Kendall and Ben

As for Kris’ reaction, Jenner confessed that she “screamed louder” than her daughter did. But, she added, she loves Ellen just the same.

While Kris didn’t comment on the Ben Simmons questions, Harper’s Bazaar pointed out that this is the first time Jenner has confirmed that the two are dating.

She and Simmons have been dating since summer of 2018, when he described the romance as “going great” in an interview.

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Now if Ellen can just get Kris Jenner together with Ben and Kendall to grill all three, we might find out what’s really going on!