Lady Gaga: Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk split reaction reveals if ‘soulmates’ will date


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper played a couple in love in A Star Is Born. Her reaction to his split from Irina Shayk reveals if these “soulmates” might date.

In the wake of A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper appeared on red carpets, in interviews, and on stage like a couple in love.

“Instant chemistry” was a phrase the two often used, along with “soulmates.”

Now that Bradley and Irina Shayk have split, speculation is soaring that Cooper and Lady Gaga will become a couple in real life. A new report reveals exactly how the songstress has reacted to that split and offers clues as to the possibility that the Star Is Born duo will become real life lovers.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper both went through breakups amid A Star Is Born

Gaga and Bradley devoted two years of their lives to preparing, filming, and publicizing A Star Is Born.

And during that time, her engagement to Christan Carino ended as his relationship with Irina Shayk began to suffer, pointed out Hollywood Life.

Cooper and Gaga have both shared repeatedly how close they became from their first meeting.

An insider told the publication that closeness resulted in Lady Gaga learning early about Bradley’s struggles with Irina.

“Bradley has worn his heart on his sleeve through his relationship struggles and Gaga was there for him all along the way to listen and provide any advice she could give,” said the source.

As Cooper and Lady Gaga prepped for A Star Is Born, they “had many talks because honestly they both have had relationships that have gone sour,” added the insider.

Bradley Cooper ‘put so much trust’ in Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Bradley helped each other in their “similar” relationship struggles, according to the source.

As for that intense chemistry that the singers showed at the Oscars when they performed “Shallow,” Gaga has shared that Cooper staged it carefully, calling the two “artists.”

But the source says that privately, those “artists” shared some very personal moments.

“He put so much trust in Gaga and she has helped him quite a bit with many talks because they both have experienced similar parallels with their careers and again in the relationship department,” summed up the insider.

Or as we repeatedly heard in interviews: Gaga and Bradley are “soulmates.”

So the big question: How has Lady Gaga reacted to Bradley and Irina ending their relationship?

Cooper, at this point, “needs a friend,” and Gaga is focused on fulfilling that role. In the immediate future, that does’t mean romance..but “many think that this will lead to them being” a romantic couple long-term, pointed out the source.

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What do you predict for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper long-term? Do you think they’ll experiment with dating, or will they stay platonic friends? Share your views below.