Rob Kardashian wants custody taken away from Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian is seeking to get full custody of daughter Dream Kardashian as Blac Chyna is too much of a danger. Yikes!

Rob Kardashian is ready to head to court and fight for his daughter. According to TMZ, Rob and Khloe are both ready to get Dream given over to Rob completely full time.

Blac Chyna is allegedly becoming too much of a danger for their daughter, and her ways are really messing up with their daughter.

According to Rob’s claims, Blac Chyna has reportedly chased people with knives, parties with Dream in the house, spend $600 daily on alcohol, and has been teaching their daughter very provocative dance moves.

Rob is concerned this is not only a traumatic environment to be in, but he says that Dream is showing signs of aggression and a change in behaviour, which Khloe Kardashian agrees.

In addition to Blac Chyna’s behaviour, Dream is also picking up on some vulgar terms! When she is dropped off at Rob’s, she has been caught saying words such as “B*tch” and “WTF”.

If that weren’t the cherry on top, Dream’s hygiene is also lacking when at her mother’s house. Rob claims she comes home with messy hair, dirty nails and unbrushed teeth. It sounds like its time to get this child’s safety in order!

Rob is fighting for full custody, while only allowing Blac Chyan weekend days with the presence of a nanny, and we don’t blame him!

Let us know what your thoughts are on this situation! We can only hope Dream finds herself in a happy and healthy environment going forward.

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