The Kardashians react to Kobe Bryants death

The world was shocked when the news broke about Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old daughter, Gianna’s passing. Tons of NBA stars, celebs and the Kardashians all shared their reactions to the tragic news.

January 26, 2019, will forever remain a day that we lost a living legend. Kobe Bryant was and will always be regarded as one of the best basketball players to grace the court. When TMZ reported thew news regarding Kobe’s helicopter crash, which took the lives of 9 people, fans, followers and the general public were stunned.

While we still do not have the words to describe how we are feeling about this awful event, we can only send our love and prayers to the Bryant family, and every single person affected.

The crash took place in Calabasas, California, where Kobe, his daughter Gianna, and members of her basketball team lost their lives. We still cannot fathom the pain the families are going through, and celebs seem to be feeling the same way.

Kris Jenner shared this heartwarming photo onto her Instagram, saying “I don’t have the words. Every ounce of my heart is with you, Vanessa”.

The Kardashians are not only residents of Calabasas but were very close to the Bryant family. Sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe also shared photos of the icon and their thoughts regarding the entire situation.

Kim captioned a photo of Kobe and Gianna, saying “My heart is so heavy. No one should ever experience what the families involved are going through. I cry just thinking about it. I am praying for the Bryant family, the Altobelli family, and the families of all who perished in this unthinkable tragedy. Rest in Peace Legend”, Kim wrote on the Instagram post.

Khloe Kardashian, who had known Kobe for quite some time was also in shock. 

Khloe tweeted: “This can’t be real. There’s no way! My heart hurts”. The star and former husband, Lamar Odom, who played alongside Kobe, were close to the Bryant family, making this tragedy one close to home.

I think we can all agree with Khloe that our hearts are definitely hurting. We are sending nothing but love, positivity and all our prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy. Our hearts are with you all.

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