Kim Kardashian gets very shy during acting improv class

Kim Kardashian gets very shy during an improv acting class for a Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 18 teaser.

Kim Kardashian is bringing it for Season 18! If you have been waiting and waiting to keep up with the Kardashians, then there is only a short wait left! Kim and Scott Disick are featured in the newest Season 18 trailer, and it is bound to make you laugh.

While we know Kim Kardashian is not the best dancer, considering her stint on Dancing With The Stars did not go as well as anticipated, it appears acting might not be her thing either.

Kim Kardashian has been making us laugh on the hit E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a whopping 17 seasons, and we cannot wait for the 18th!

In the shows newest teaser, Kim accompanies Scott Disick to an improv acting class where they undergo a number of silly warm-ups and improv situations that get Kim feeling very uncomfortable.

Kim Kardashian arrived and prefaced the group with a quick heads up that this “isn’t her thing”, and that she is really “shy”. While the group of improv actors assured Kim that they are all here to have fun, she was put at ease, but only for a little bit.

When it came to the first exercise, Kim let out a small yell before calling it quits and racing for the seats in the audience. While we know Kim isn’t the most outgoing in a public setting, we hoped she’d give it a bit more of a try than that!

While we wish she would have participated for longer than one warm-up exercise, Scott Disick gave us everything we needed! Disick is quite the funny guy, and was totally in his element during the whole event, making him quite the probable actor.

Kim was enjoying herself from the audience, clapping, laughing and supporting Scott along the way. We can’t wait to see what Season 18 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has in store!