Meghan Markle on Dancing with the Stars: DWTS judge hopeful she’ll compete

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images) /

Would Meghan Markle competing on DWTS make her more accessible and funny?

Could Meghan Markle make her way to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom this fall? DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli seems hopeful she might consider competing on the long-running series. In fact, he even has a few good reasons as to why she should consider putting on her dancing shoes.

During a new interview with Extra, the long-time DWTS judge was asked for the name of one celebrity he’d love to see grace the ballroom. It didn’t take long for him to single out the former Suits star turned royal as Tonioli eagerly confessed that he thinks Meghan would make for the perfect contestant.

As Tonioli revealed, a stint on DWTS could allow Meghan Markle to seem more accessible and show off her personality. “It’d make her look accessible and funny — it’d be brilliant!” Tonioli noted.

He’s so confident she’d do great on the show that he personally extended an open invitation for Meghan to join the show pleading, “Meghan, if you’re watching this, please! We’d love you to do it.”

Check out Bruno Tonioli’s thoughts on Meghan Markle competing on Dancing with the Stars below via his full interview with Extra

What are the odds Meghan Markle competes on Dancing with the Stars?

While we’re fully in support of Tonioli’s desire to see Meghan Markle compete on DWTS, it’s unfortunately highly unlikely the Duchess of Sussex would actually compete on the series.

Had DWTS approached her prior to her engagement with Prince Harry, it’s highly likely they might have been able to lure her into competing. However, given her raised celebrity status as a royal, it’s very unlikely Meghan would compete on a reality series such as DWTS.

Since parting ways with the Royal Family, Meghan and Prince Harry have been keeping a relatively low profile focusing on their family and charitable efforts. While Meghan recently lent her voice to help narrate Disney’s latest animal documentary Elephants, she’s only just recently begun to dip her toes back into the waters of Hollywood after stepping away from acting.

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Would you love to see Meghan Markle compete in an upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars? If Meghan were to by some rare chance agree to compete, which of the many talented DWTS pro dancers would you like to see her compete alongside?