Is Kanye West truly refusing to see Kim Kardashian?

Is Kanye West truly refusing to see Kim Kardashian?

Things have, unfortunately, not been the greatest in the Kardashian-West household in recent weeks with a clear rift forming between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Although there were rumors of trouble in paradise months into quarantine, the couple’s relationship has been thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks due in large part to a recent Twitter tirade Kanye went on Twitter as well as controversial remarks made during a South Caroline campaign rally.

Kanye’s rally made headlines for a variety of reasons including his decision to share that he and Kim had considered getting an abortion after she found out she was pregnant with their first child, North. After the rally, Kim was said to be “furious” with her husband for sharing such a private family secret.

Days later, things took a drastic turn for the worst when Kayne went on a Twitter tirade in which he accused Kim of trying to “lock him up” while also throwing a slew of insults at the mother of his four children as well as his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are clearly at odds with one another, but is it true that Kanye is currently refusing to see Kim, despite her best efforts to be there for her husband?

Following the Twitter meltdown, Kim was said to be completely devastated and eventually broke her silence with a heartfelt statement on Instagram. While she admitted to struggling with the effects of the disease and Kanye’s actions, she stood by Kanye’s side and advocated for mental health awareness in addressing Kanye’s struggle with bipolar disorder — while also asking for compassion and empathy.

In the days that have followed, Kim is said to be continuing to make efforts to connect with Kanye and get him the help he needs; however, according to sources, Kanye currently is refusing to see Kim.

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As reported by TMZ, there has been ” very little communication between husband and wife since he jetted off for his South Carolina rally last weekend, and zero face time.” The report goes on to note that while Kim has attempted to fly out to their Wyoming ranch to see Kanye, he’s refused to see her.

In other words, he’s essentially icing her out entirely.

We can only hope Kanye will see that Kim is only trying to help him out of the love she has for him and that the two will be able to work through this trying time.

Are you disappointed to hear Kanye West is giving Kim Kardashian the cold shoulder and is refusing to see her at the present time?