KUWTK: Could Larsa Pippen be the one who leaked Scott’s rehab stint?

Larsa Pippen and Stephanie Princi (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Baes And Bikinis)
Larsa Pippen and Stephanie Princi (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Baes And Bikinis) /

KUWTK theories: Was Larsa Pippen behind the Scott Disick rebab stay leak?

We all know that Larsa Pippen has fallen out of the Kardashian family orbit and is no longer a part of their inner circle, but the reason behind Larsa’s falling out with Kim Kardashian and company remains a mystery that fans can’t help but try to crack.

Although some have reported the split stemmed from the two parties simply growing apart, there definitely seems to be more to the story as even friends who grow apart over the years don’t tend to suddenly unfollow one another on social media. Rather, all signs seem to point towards a falling out of some kind.

If there is one thing Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans are good for, it’s their creative theories and we have to admit the newest theory circling around the internet definitely has our full attention!

As fans will recall, during the newest KUWTK trailer, Scott Disick subtly hints that someone betrayed him — a clear reference to his rehab stay being leaked to the media earlier this year. While Scott doesn’t name names, some fans believe the mystery individual could be none other than Larsa Pippen.

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In a new theory making the rounds on Reddit, fans are up in arms debating whether Larsa could perhaps have been behind the leak which led to the Kardashian family cutting her off.

Although signs seem to indicate it was someone from within the facility where Scott was staying that leaked the news, it’s an interesting theory nonetheless and the timing does seem to line up.

Larsa leaking such a personal item would definitely explain the fallout between the Kardashians and their former pal. However, we’re just not certain Larsa would go that far and imagine there’s not much to this particular Kardashian theory.

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Alright, time to weigh in: Do you think there might be something to the theory floating around that Larsa Pippen was responsible for leaking Scott Disick’s rehab stay leading to her falling out with the Kardashian family?