Demi Lovato seemingly speaks out after Max Ehrich’s alleged old tweets come out

Demi Lovato is sharing her side. On September 13, the “OK Not To Be OK” singer took to Instagram to clarify a few fan rumors. After a series of old tweets that were allegedly shared by her fiancé Max Ehrich appeared online, Lovato insisted they were entirely fake.

According to E! News, the tweets in question appeared to be about Selena Gomez, with one even directly comparing the pop star to Demi. “Hahaha Selena Gomez and Demi are cute togueter [sic] but boy if you think Demi is prettier … you’re WRONG!,” one of the alleged tweets from Max read.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, Demi didn’t hold back in sharing her thoughts. “It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other,” she wrote. “If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU.”

“I challenge any tabloid that dares to type my name to mention Breonna Taylor and the fact that her murderers still haven’t been arrested,” Demi Lovato continued, referencing the police officers who have not been arrested or charged following the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. “WRITE ABOUT THAT,” she added.

From there, Demi said she felt like fans were making up information because of the roller coaster that 2020 has been, and they might need a distraction.

“I don’t wanna look at what’s really happening in the world either but WE HAVE TO,” Demi Lovato continued. “Yes, it’s easier to tear apart celebrities and their relationships because 2020 sucks and scares the s**t out of us all but it’s only gonna stay terrifying until we address it all and WORK ON SOLUTIONS TOGETHER.”

You can see screenshots of Demi’s posts below courtesy of @PopCrave on Twitter.

Demi concluded by saying:

So while on one hand I understand and have compassion for those who are so horrified at the reality of 2020 that they gotta distract themselves with doctored images in order to not focus on how bad these times are—but on the other hand, if you aren’t 13 years old trying to grasp the reality of right now, put on your adult underpants and write about what actually matters. Please.

Not only did Demi set the record straight, but she also highlighted the importance of women supporting other women in a time where it matters most.

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