Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 19 premiere: Top 5 moments from episode 1

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is back! Here are the top moments from season 19, episode 1

Our favorite reality TV series is back! Did you catch the season 19 premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! tonight?

Sadly, we know that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end after 20 seasons! Even though all good things come to an end, that doesn’t make accepting the finale of KUWTK any easier. Simply put, we’re upset! But there are still some episodes ahead to enjoy!

This means there is still so much to enjoy, so let’s worry about the ending of the series later! Did you catch the season 19 premiere? If so, read on as we highlight the top 5 moments.

Kourtney Kardashian is not a cuddler

This is something anyone could have guessed, but Kourtney is not a cuddler by any means. She’ll cuddle with her children sure, and, as she points out, a boyfriend, but she’s not one to go up and hug you.

Kourtney and her friends visit a professional cuddler, which is a thing! It’s an actual job. Kourtney’s crew is researching odd jobs for an article on Poosh. During the session, Kourtney learned that cuddling and physical affection is just not her thing.

Family cuddle session

Later on, while chatting with Kendall, though, Kourtney shares that her family in general is just not the cuddling type. What does Kourtney do? Hire the professional cuddler for her and her sisters. Things get interesting, to say the least.

Scott and Khloe

The duo Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian is back! Picking up right where they left off, Scott and Khloe take new photos of Khloe posing as Kris Jenner (and Scott directs) to prank Kris. They’ve given the photos to their PR representative to leak to the press. This should be good.

Khloe is a great friend to Malika

One of the things we love about Khloe is what a great friend! Khloe and Malika’s sister, Khadijah Haqq, are helping Malika plan a baby shower and Malika is really stressing. Who can blame her? She’s pregnant and feels so alone as her baby’s father isn’t cooperating much. In the end, Malika has a wonderful baby shower. Don’t we all wish we had wonderful friends like Khloe?

The prank

We will never get tired of watching Scott and Khloe join forces to prank Kris! Just as they thought, Kris believed it was really her in the photos…or so we think! Kris was so convinced that I wonder if this prank was scripted. Either way, it was a lot of fun to watch! Will this be their final prank? Let’s hope not!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 19 airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET only on the E! Network.