Demi Lovato confirms new song is about Donald Trump

Demi Lovato is back on the music scene with a new track and something to say. So listen up!

This week, there’s been a lot of buzz about one of Demi’s new tracks and it’s not just because of its catchiness or her beautiful voice, believe it or not. According to Cosmopolitan, “Commander in Chief” is a bold message from Ms. Lovato to President Donald Trump. Not only is the pop songstress not holding back, but she’s also speaking to Trump directly. And you should definitely give it a listen.

If the lyrics themselves weren’t revealing enough, the singer has confirmed to CNN’s Chloe Melas that the “Commander in Chief” lines do indeed involve America’s head of state, Donald Trump. Obviously.

As Cosmopolitan notes, Demi Lovato takes this song as her timely opportunity to speak to Trump directly. In doing so, she expresses her feelings on all the big and small ways that Trump has caused, contributed to, and exacerbated people’s pain, especially when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

With that said, Demi Lovato doesn’t get all high and mighty with her new song.

Instead, the pop star uses the track purposefully, as a means to acknowledge and shed light on many things, including her personal truth, political opinions, and privilege. Lovato notes that she’s been lucky enough to not suffer, thus far.

And now, she’s using her voice and platform to send a powerful message and make her vote in November quite obvious to her fans and everyone else.

In short, Demi Lovato is calling out Donald Trump for how he’s handled (and not handled) a variety of pressing and serious issues in 2020, and ultimately, who he “is.” And if you missed his debate with Biden, Lovato’s track might smoothly fill in some of the blanks about some of the President’s “issues” right now.

Timing is everything, of course. Demi’s track drops just in time for the election and as music fans know, for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards as well.

You can listen to “Commander in Chief” below.

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