The shocking reason Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West revealed

Kim Kardashian attends KKW Beauty launch (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for ULTA Beauty / KKW Beauty)
Kim Kardashian attends KKW Beauty launch (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for ULTA Beauty / KKW Beauty) /

After months of speculations, it was reported on Feb. 19 that Kim Kardashian had officially filed for divorce from Kanye West. As disheartening as the news was, it was far from surprising as the one-time power couple had been in the midst of quite the rough patch for some time now.

Cracks in the couple’s relationship first emerged in the summer of 2020 following a string of controversial comments made by Kanye while on his bid for the presidency. It wasn’t long after Kanye went on his infamous Twitter rant which only seemed to further create tension between Kanye and Kim.

While it seemed like they had started to patch things in the fall, things quickly spiraled, and by the time the new year had arrived divorce rumors suddenly emerged. Instead of conversations about whether Kim and Kanye were going to be able to work through their issues shifted to when they’d finally file the paperwork and make things official. So why now?

According to a new report, Kim Kardashian decided to pull the plug on her marriage with Kanye West for quite the surprising reason — just not what you might think.

Why is Kim Kardashian divorcing Kanye West?

As it turns out, Kim Kardashian ultimately decided to file for divorce from Kanye as she was tired of waiting, felt she had given it more than enough consideration and the time was finally right to move on.

According to E! Online, “She’s already felt like she’s been divorced for months now. It’s been a long time coming and she feels relieved to be able to finally move on.”

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Although there has been a lot of speculation regarding the exact reasoning for Kim’s decision to, sources report Kim and Kanye simply grew apart from one another. As E! Online’s source notes, “there were no affairs” and “no one did anything bad,” rather the couple grew apart from one another and ultimately decided it was best to go their separate ways.

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Are you surprised to discover the true reason for Kim and Kanye’s divorce? Do you believe the reports suggesting the pair simply grew apart?