Kanye West debuts stunning new look amid split from Kim Kardashian

On Feb. 19, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finally put rumors about their relationship to bed in officially filing for divorce. The news came after months of reports indicating the couple’s relationship was on the rocks following a tumultuous few months in which it was clear there was trouble in paradise.

Although it’s been nearly a month since the paperwork was filed with the courts, neither Kim nor Kanye has publically addressed the decision to bring their relationship to an end. While the pair are said to have already gone their separate ways, the good news is the split has been an amicable one with no bad blood reported between the pair.

They’ve already arranged a plan to co-parent. Kanye is said to have given Kim their California home to reside in with their four children — the primary home in which the couple has raised their four little ones from the time they were born.  It also helps there was a prenup in place which helped simplify the dividing of assets.

While it remains unclear when Kim or Kanye will address their separation, Kanye seems to be ushering in this new chapter by debuting a brand new look which is turning heads!

Did Kanye West shave his beard?

While the exact source of the photo remains unclear, Quickwiththetea, a celebrity gossip Instagram account, recently got their hands on a new photo of Kanye out and about sporting a very different look than the one fans have become accustomed to!

During a recent outing, Kanye was photographed donning quite a stunning new look ditching his signature goatee for a clean-shaven look! You can check out Kanye’s new look here.

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The new look is definitely a change in pace from Kanye’s signature style, but it’s far from unusual for one to want to shake things up when starting a new chapter in life. However, what remains unclear is whether the photo is legitimate or not as some fans have been quick to claim the image has been photoshopped.

Without concrete proof, it’s hard to know for certain whether Kanye West has indeed shaved his beard but the photo does seem legit and we wouldn’t put it past Kanye to shake up his style post-divorce.

Any snap judgments on Kanye West debuting a new clean-shaved look amind his divorce from Kim Kardashian? Are you loving or hating Kanye’s new look?