Kanye West refuses to talk to Kim Kardashian: ‘You contact me through my security’

When reports first broke that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would be going their separate ways, the immediate question on the minds of every Kimye fan was how the decision would affect their relationship.

While divorce for some means the end of any kind of relationship, there are also many couples who maintain healthy relationships even after parting ways. Oftentimes we see this with parents who remain in one another’s lives in co-parenting kids together — which is something the Kardashian family is quite familiar with and has a pretty successful track record of.

In the weeks since Kim filed for divorce, there has been a lot to come out about the couple which suggested the split was amicable and has not been a contentious separation. However, a new report seems to suggest things between Kim and Kanye have become quite icy as of late.

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on speaking terms?

According to a new report out of Page Six, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are far from on speaking terms. In fact, Kanye has completely ghosted Kim in cutting off all methods of direct communication.

Things are apparently so tense between the two that Kanye is said to have changed all of his phone numbers to prevent Kim from contracting him directly. Rather than working with Kim closely, Kanye has basically told Kim to talk to the hand in requesting that she only contact him through his security. Yikes!

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Cutting all direct communication off seems like a major leap to make and a drastic step to take, but ultimately Kanye has to do what’s best for him and if that means making Kim go through a middleman to contact him, so be it.

We also have to imagine he might cut the middleman out once things have cooled down and he’s had more time to process the end of his marriage to Kim. In the meantime, the pair seem to be focused on co-parenting together, even if they’re not communicating directly with one another.

Are you shocked to discover Kanye West has apparently changed all of his phone numbers and is refusing to speak directly to Kim Kardashian? Do you think the tension between the two will lessen as time passes?