Drake reportedly responds to latest Kim Kardashian dating rumors

INGLEWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 27: Drake performs at The Forum on September 27, 2016 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)
INGLEWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 27: Drake performs at The Forum on September 27, 2016 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images) /

Kim Kardashian isn’t moving on just yet!

Questions surrounding whether or not the 40-year old reality star could actually be dating 34-year-old Canadian rapper Drake may seem to have finally gotten an answer. Fans will know that there has been gossip of the pair turning their relationship romantic for years now, and one of the musician’s recent songs sparked speculation yet again.

Are Kim Kardashian and Drake dating?

Rap-Up reports that in a recent Instagram exchange between Drake and gossip media outlet Gossip of the City, the rapper denied any allegations surrounding himself and Kim Kardashian, stating that the dating rumors are “obviously” not true, followed by a laughing emoji to emphasize the humor of the rumor.

You can see the screengrab of the conversation here. Of course, we don’t have confirmation that this screenshot is a real conversation between the Instagram page and Drake, so we’ll take this report with a grain of salt!

As it turns out, this wouldn’t be the first time one of the two celebrities has had to vehemently shut down these claims.

How did the Kim Kardashian and Drake rumors start?

The dating rumors first came to be when the song that was definitely on everyone’s radio, “In My Feelings,” dropped in 2018. Included in the song is a lyric that had fans speculating who the rapper was speaking about, when he professed his love for a person named Kiki.

Fans of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians know that “Kiki” is how Kim Kardashian’s nieces and nephews refer to her and is the star’s longtime nickname, which led to everyone wondering if the dots were connecting or if it was just a matter of coincidence.

However, Kim Kardashian refused to let the rumors travel any longer as she was still married to rapper Kanye West at the time. Kardashian denied the rumors, telling the whole world that she and Drake, “Never happened. End of story.” But that didn’t seem to be enough for fans three years later as possible evidence (via song lyrics) was revealed again.

Drake released another song earlier this year titled “Wants and Needs” with questionable lyrics that, this time, allude to the soon-to-be-divorced Kanye West. The lyrics read:

"Yeah, I probably should go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus, but soon as I started confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us."

You probably have tons of questions, and we do too.

Who is Drake confessing to, Yeezy (a.k.a. Kanye West) or Jesus Christ? What does Drake need to confess? Why doesn’t “he” believe Drake?

While it is a tad unclear who or what Drake is talking about, it’s pretty obvious that the rapper isn’t taking the rumors too seriously and seems to actually be having a bit of fun. But with Kim Kardashian on her way to becoming a fully single woman, these rumors could, maybe one day, become a reality.

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Should Drake and Kim Kardashian become an item? Let us know what you think!