Kim Kardashian’s kids are so grown up in sweet new family photos

They grow up so fast! In true Kardashian family tradition, family photos must be taken in every season to document how large the family is becoming and how fast everyone is growing up.

The American personality Kim Kardashian is definitely known to gush over her kids, and she may be that mother who pinches her kids’ cheeks until their swollen. (We can’t blame her, they’re so darn adorable!)

Kim Kardashian’s kids

The SKIMS founder took to her Instagram, @kimkardashian, and posted a series of pictures of her kids pretty in peach. Chicago’s mermaid outfit is honestly to die for! You can check out the post below.

As noted in her caption, only three of her four kids are depicted here, but look at how big they’ve gotten since we last saw them!

In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian has four kids, and their names and ages are as followed.

Psalm West, her youngest, is turning two years old in May. Her second youngest, Chicago West, turned three years old in January. Her second-born, Saint West, is five years old, and her firstborn, the one who started it all, North West, is now seven years old. You can see the most adorable pictures of them scattered all over Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

Her kids are definitely growing up super fast. It wasn’t that long ago that we saw her oldest kid have a full-blown temper-tantrum at a fashion show in 2015. (Allow me to re-jog your memory.)

Six years later, North West is now singing at her father Kanye West‘s fashion shows.

Though we don’t have exact confirmation on how the custody arrangements will work with the four kids now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce, we do know that the reality star is the same awesome mom as she always has been, and will absolutely continue taking doting pictures of her babies.