Azealia Banks is apparently trying to date and make a baby with Kanye West

You may want to hold onto your hats for this one.

In the midst of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce, it is expected that people shoot their shot at the soon-to-be bachelor. It’s even more expected that some of those people include other musicians. After all, bonding over music is how many relationships start.

However, what this certain musician said whilst shooting her relationship shot was definitely something that no one was expecting.

Azealia Banks wants to have a baby with Kanye West

Yes, you read that right.

American rapper Azealia Banks is ready to scoop Kanye West up and skip all the way to the baby phase of the relationship, which, while quick, is certainly not unheard of. But what is a bit unheard of is the type of baby she wants to have with Kanye West.

Banks took to her Instagram to nominate herself as the musician West should date after Complex tweeted this about West:

In reply to this, Banks stated, “It’s me guys.” and then went on to state that there is a “powerful black demon entity” in her “ovaries” that is currently waiting to come forth once she and West get together. Though different from the other occasions, this isn’t the first time that Azealia Banks talked about West in some fashion.

Back in 2016, Banks went on her now-permanently suspended Twitter to state that West “lost all credibility” when he married Kim Kardashian and also stated how she no longer looks up to him as a role model. It’s clear now that she must’ve gotten past this as she is willing to have children with him.

As of right now, Kanye West has yet to say anything regarding a potential courtship with Azealia Banks, but there is still time.

Who knows? Maybe the West kids will have a new younger step-sibling and have cute little sleepovers together, however they may be a bit put off by their new sibling’s ability to shapeshift in the dark.

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