Kanye uneasy over his kids getting so close with Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend

Although Kanye West has moved on from going toe-to-toe with Pete Davidson on social media, the American rapper still isn’t quite cordial with this Saturday Night Live star. In fact, it’s safe to say things are only getting worse now that Davidson has crossed not one but two major lines.

Davidson’s first offense can be found in the rumor that he got West and Kim Kardashian’s four children’s names tattooed on his neck.

Shockingly, there wasn’t too much outrage surrounding this, especially because it is not yet known what exactly Davidson’s new ink translates to. Even still, this rumor was more than enough for fans to realize Davidson is getting rather close with the family, much faster than anyone, especially West, ever thought possible.

The second and more recent offense is found in pictures of Pete Davidson and Saint West spending time together shopping in California. The celebrity and the toddler looked to be getting along rather well, cementing that Davidson’s and Kardashian’s relationship is growing so strong that she feels comfortable leaving her boyfriend alone with them.

Between the knowledge that Kim Kardashian is no longer his wife and the realization that his kids are spending more and more time with Pete Davidson, Kanye West certainly has a lot of feelings to sift through. However, his most dominant emotion is heartbreak.

Kanye West disproves of Pete Davidson’s relationship with his kids

Hollywood Life reports Kanye West is “heartbroken” that he couldn’t get his family back together So much so that he’s doing all he can to prevent the divorce process from finalizing, that way he can still relish in his family being complete on paper. (Although, we know things won’t be this way forever.)

Another source confirmed West’s feelings of disappointment and also revealed how he’s having trouble seeing his kids out with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

“[It’s not something] Kanye was prepared for or even thinking about when he and Kim split,” an insider expressed to the media outlet. “For Pete and the kids to get so close, so fast, is deeply unsettling for Kanye. It’s really difficult seeing photos of them together everywhere he goes, and he just wishes things were different.”

Perhaps a Kanye West and Pete Davidson meet-up is needed. After all, both celebrities appeared to have crossed major lines with one another. It might be best to clear up any bad blood to avoid either of them being hurt anymore in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates.