Pete Davidson pokes fun at Kanye West feud in new Netflix comedy special

Now that Kanye West’s public tirade has come to an end, it’s time for Pete Davidson, his apparent sworn enemy, to take the floor.

This week, Davidson’s new comedy special, Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends, dropped on Netflix. In the special, the Saturday Night Live comedian kicks off the event by talking about all the hilarious things going on in his life. Particularly, his beef with Kanye West.

Although Davidson is doing as all comedians do–poking fun at serious situations–with these jokes, it’s possible West won’t be the biggest fan of Davidson’s banter.

Pete Davidson speaks out on Kanye West feud

Yahoo! News reports Pete Davidson stated that his life was “ruined” after Kanye West incessantly harassed him on social media.

“It’s all weird, because, right before December 2021 – I call it the ‘before time’ – before my life was ruined… yeah it’s like Covid happened, and then another Covid happened personally, to me,” Davidson expressed in his new special.

It’s likely that the 28-year-old celebrity’s personal pandemic is the countless times West made it his goal to ruin Davidson’s reputation. Not only did West create a music video where a claymation figure of Davidson can be seen being buried alive and later decapitated, but he even went so far as to spread lies about him on the internet, including one that alluded to Davidson having AIDS.

See Davidson talk about the AIDS rumor West created in this excerpt from the new Netflix special.

In addition to the AIDS rumor, West also suggested Davidson had a drug issue and feared the comedian would get Kim Kardashian “hooked on drugs.” While Davidson didn’t touch on this particular rumor in the special, he did make it clear that he’s going to make light of whatever offensive words West throws in his direction–even if it angers West (and West’s fans) off.

“It’s a really weird thing to go through… A lot of people are very angry at me,” Davidson joked in his special. “It’s always 50-50 when I go outside. Either someone’s like, ‘hey man, you’re really cool, that’s great’, or someone’s like, ‘f**k you’.”

Kanye West has yet to speak out on Davidson’s comedy special. But knowing the rapper, he might not take too kindly to it. Once or if West does reply, we’ll be sure to update you.

To see more of Pete Davidson’s jokes about Kanye West, head over to Netflix to stream Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends.