The Kardashians season 3 is already filming, according to Kourtney Kardashian

If you’ve been loving every second of Hulu’s The Kardashians, then you’re in luck because the reality series is already preparing to give you all the seasons you could ask for!

Ahead of the debut of the highly-anticipated sophomore season, People Magazine reports that Kourtney Kardashian confirmed that a third season of The Kardashians is already in the works. The confirmation comes not too long after Kourtney’s successful collaboration with Boohoo during New York Fashion Week; an event that she also confirms will be shown in the upcoming season.

“I’ve been filming season three here [Boohoo’s NYFW runway],” Kourtney expressed. “We’re shooting season three now.”

Aside from the production status of season three, the specifics of the third season are still under wraps. However, we have our guesses as to when season 3 will drop as well as what the new season will most likely be about.

Check it out below.

When will The Kardashians season 3 release?

Based on when the first season was released and when the second season is slated to release, we’re leaning towards believing that The Kardashians will debut two new seasons each year. Should the Hulu series continue with this pattern, season 3 may release in early to mid 2023.

In addition to the timeline in which new installments are released, our predictions are based on the number of episodes each season has.

Season 1 has an episode count of ten, as will the sophomore season. Upon each episode being released over the course of 10 weeks, season 2 should come to an end in late November 2022, meaning after the holidays have come and gone, the third season may not be too far behind.

We’ll know more once Hulu releases information, so be sure to take our predictions with a grain of salt and stay tuned to know the official release date of The Kardashians season 3.

What will The Kardashians season 3 be about?

Seeing that The Kardashians season 2 will cover the wedding preparations of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, the birth of Kylie Jenner’s son (and the difficulties that came postpartum), the birth of Khloe Kardashian’s son, and the independence era of Kim Kardashian, our best guess is that season 3 will be about the endless grind of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Recently, Kylie and her mother, Kris Jenner, launched a new makeup palette together, and Kim is gearing up to release her Skims bra collection very soon. All these new projects, along with Kourtney’s Boohoo collab, are likely to be some of the many highlights of season three.

But, of course, we cannot expect these highlights not to come without a few setbacks.

Amid all these amazing opportunities, the Kardashian-Jenner family has also been involved in controversies. From Kim and Scott Disick’s pending Instagram lottery lawsuit to Kourtney coming under fire for her excessive use of water, the family’s time in the spotlight hasn’t been all good. Even so, we know we’ll see how they bounced back from their tribulations in the new season, reaffirming that there’s nothing this family can’t handle.

We can’t wait for all that’s in store for the third season, but we’re even more excited for the second season which comes out this week. If you also feel the same, don’t forget to catch the premiere of The Kardashians season 2 streaming Thursday, Sept. 22 on Hulu.