Going green! Kim Kardashian gives tour of backyard garden

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards )
Kim Kardashian (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards ) /

We all love a backyard garden, whether we are growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or a combination.  It takes some effort to develop a garden due to dedication and work.  The results of healthy, delicious produce and fragrant flowers are our rewards for the time spent outdoors.

Kim Kardashian gave a detailed tour of her own backyard garden through her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, March 8th.  In hers, she grows plentiful organic herbs, fruits, flowers, and vegetables fit for an entire community.

On tour, Kim showed close-ups of her fruit trees, brimming with apples, avocadoes, and citrus, ready to be plucked and eaten.   There were also vegetable plants and floral landscapes.  She also stuck to her Armenian roots as she shared photos of juicy apricots and pomegranates native to Armenia.

An afternoon walk in the garden,”  the Skims founder quoted in the 22-second video.  She trails along the path, showing off an expansive view of her fruit trees and lush, colorful gardens just a few steps outside her Hidden Hills residence.   “I’m going to start picking some fruitsThere’s so many amazing ones.”

On the snaps of the apricot and pomegranate trees, she captioned them with, “How Armenian of me to grow apricots 🇦🇲,” and “And even more Armenian of me to grow pomegranates 🇦🇲🇦🇲.”

The mother of four continued her trek outside, showcasing the rows of various herbs, floral beds, and freshly picked broccoli in wooden crates.  In one of the last photos,  the former Dash Boutique owner said, “I love my garden,” under the photo of an orange tree.

Kim noted the scent of the Jasmine flower, “smells so good!”  The Jasmine is also native to Armenia, among several other countries.

How Kim Kardashian brought her garden to life

Kim partnered up with the organic California garden company Heart Beet Gardening.  From there, Kim and the Heart Beet team came up with a bountiful eatery and a relaxing oasis where the businesswoman could wind down and appreciate nature.

Last year, Kim gave the first glimpse of her home garden with her older sister Kourtney Kardashian Barker for her Poosh website.  While collaborating, Kim emphasized she wanted to have a “climate-conscious” space and to be “bursting with life” for her family.  The garden has an additional purpose: any “top-tier organic produce” is donated to food banks, so others can have access to nourishing foods.

Along with her garden escape tours, the KUWTK personality gave a peek inside her home gym last week.  Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland stopped by for a workout with Kim.