Glenn Close and Halle Berry to join Kim Kardashian on her upcoming Ryan Murphy show

The actresses will be Kim's partners in her legal firm.
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Two screen legends will soon join Kim Kardashian in her upcoming Ryan Murphy legal drama, which will stream on Hulu. Halle Berry and Glenn Close will have supporting roles alongside Kardashian, and with Murphy, will serve as the series' executive producers. Berry is an Oscar winner, and Close is an eight-time nominee, and each has a long list of credits they accomplished in their respective careers. With Kardashian, who only has a few acting projects under her belt, it'll be interesting to see what the two women will bring to the new series.

Currently, we don't have much information regarding the roles Berry and Close have been booked for, but we're going to take an educated guess, believing that they'll portray high-powered attorneys since Murphy's show will be centered on an all-women law firm, with Kardashian taking center stage and being the main focus.

What to know about Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Glenn Close's new show from Ryan Murphy

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Production hasn't begun yet, but the upcoming Hulu series has been greenlit. This will be Kardashian's second project with Murphy, who had the prominent role of Siobhan Corbyn in the twelfth season of FX's American Horror Story. After a disappointing season finale, with the only peak of Kardashian singing a lullaby, I'm not positive if I'll return to the drama since its finales have fallen under lackluster for the past few years. But on the bright side, AHS proved that Kardashian could act, and she blew my expectations out of the water.

Murphy's new show will be titled All's Fair and described as "a high-end, glossy and sexy adult procedural," according to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the news. Kardashian will star as a woman attorney in charge of her own law firm in Los Angeles and will most likely channel her father, the late Robert Kardashian, in her role, as she did when she channeled her mother, Kris Jenner, in AHS.

It's no surprise that since she's Kardashian's manager, Jenner has been assigned as an executive producer and will work alongside her daughter in All's Fair.

Berry's and Close's roles remain a secret for the time being, as Disney has a legacy of keeping major details under the radar until the appropriate time comes.

Murphy initially pitched the show and the script's first draft to Kardashian during season 5 of The Kardashians. The seasoned TV producer thought she did well in AHS and offered her a new role with her own show. Due to her highly packed schedule, Kardashian was hesitant to accept it, but she quickly changed her heart after reading the draft.

"I know I don't need to add another thing to my schedule," Kardashian said in the episode at the time. "But [this new show] is so different [from] what I do, and it's a challenge for me. I love the challenge."

No premiere date has been set or how many episodes All's Fair will comprise, but it'll be one of Murphy's first Disney projects, along with Dr. Odyssey, which is coming to ABC this fall.

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