Kim Kardashian launches new cosmetics collection with SKKN

Kim Kardashian is bringing a new makeup collection to her skincare brand, SKKN, after many requests.
Kim Kardashian visits the SKKN by KIM holiday pop-up store at Westfield Century City Mall...
Kim Kardashian visits the SKKN by KIM holiday pop-up store at Westfield Century City Mall... / Stefanie Keenan/GettyImages

Kim Kardashian is reentering the cosmetics world with her upcoming launch of SKKN by Kim Makeup Collection. It's set to drop on Friday, January 26th, but the entire collection is already sold out due to presales and strong customer dedication.

In case you didn't know, Kim released her first beauty brand, KKW Beauty, in 2017. The collection consisted of high-quality and Vegan ingredients, offering a wide range of shades to complement every skin tone. It came in every product, including foundations, eye shadows, lips, and foundations.

Kim Kardashian SKKN cosmetics beauty
KKW Beauty Launches At ULTA Beauty / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Kim ceased production of KKW Beauty in 2021 and rebranded as SKKN in 2022. SKKN focused on creating innovative skincare products for all skin types, concentrating on best quality care and value. After listening and reading customers' requests via Instagram earlier this week, Kim drops a vital hint regarding the possibility of including a makeup line to the brand.

Did Kim deliver?

"Alright, guys, so I've been reading the comments on the SKKN [Instagram] account, and so many of you want us to bring color cosmetics back," the socialite shares as she scrolls down through the comments and reads a few.

"Guys, I hear you, she says, and ends the Reel with the date, "1 26 24."

What we know about the SKKN By Kim Makeup Collection

The SKKN By Kim Makeup Collection will have an eyeshadow palette of twelve cool and warm nude shades meant to "define, contour, and sculpt the eyes," per SKKN's website, and are constructed in a "velvety matte" consistency. The colors can be built up or played for different looks and are made with skin-safe ingredients.

There'll also be ten lip color shades from the fairest nude to the darkest and fifteen lip pencils to match. Like the shadows and lipsticks, the liners have a matte finish to create that perfect natural glam, while still having that luxury feeling

The cost of these beautiful pieces will set you back a few pennies, as the shadow palette has a price tag of $50, the lipstick at $32, and the lipliner at $22. For the entire collection, you're looking at a total of $700. While it appears to be on the higher slide, the products are built to last and hold its value over time.

While the presale is sold out, let's hope there'll be a healthy abundance when the collection officially drops on January 26th, so we can try the set ourselves.

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