Kourtney Kardashian rocks on for Travis Barker at the Run, Travis, Run event

Kourtney is running with her man, Travis.
Travis Barker's Run Travis Run: A Run & Wellness Experience
Travis Barker's Run Travis Run: A Run & Wellness Experience / Olivia Wong/GettyImages

Kourtney Kardashian completed a 5K run with her husband, Travis Barker, on July 6th. The couple participated in the first-ever Run, Travis, Run event in Inglewood, California. The nonprofit supports health and wellness for people and inspires hope after a life-transforming accident or event. It's a positive way of saying, "I'm still well worth the life I want to live."

Travis defined the odds following his 2008 plane crash, where he and his good friend, DJ AM (Adam Michael Goldstein), were the only survivors. Travis was told he'd never walk again or play the drums, but he proved everyone, including himself, wrong just by wanting to live life.

Kourtney also positively influenced her husband, for she assisted him in getting back to flying and being his support. Travis traveled with Kourtney all over the globe, including Portofino, Italy, where they had their third and religious wedding in 2022.

Kourtney Kardashian achieves her 5K with Travis Barker at the Run, Travis, Run event

Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian Run, Travis, Run
Travis Barker's Run Travis Run: A Run & Wellness Experience / Olivia Wong/GettyImages

Dressing up in all-back, Kourtney ran alongside Travis at his first Run, Travis, Run event. There were thousands of runners joining the Blink-182 drummer and the reality star. Participants had the opportunity to meet the couple in person and received an exclusive medal and t-shirt. For under $500, there's an option where runners can buy a "VIP Run + Meet & Greet Photo Experience," which includes a photo op session with Travis and access to the VIP checkpoints at the run.

The next run will take place on July 21st, in Queens, New York.

According to the results page on the affiliate link Run Sign-Up, Kourtney completed her run in 45 minutes and 8 seconds, placing her in 25th place. Travis clocked in at 22 minutes and 12 seconds, putting him in 4th place.

On The Kardashians, Kourtney discussed how she wanted to "bounce back" into shape on her own terms and time following the birth of Rocky. This mindset is a total shift from when she felt she should immediately get back to her pre-pregnancy body in 2009 after she had her first child, Mason. Soon after dropping the weight, Kourtney landed the cover of Life and Style.

"I did a magazine cover in a bikini [after Mason's birth] and was stressing myself out to eat a certain diet," Kourtney said in the June 27th episode. "This time [after Rocky], I'm really just all about nourishing my body and eating the best foods to keep up my milk supply."

Following Run, Travis, Run, Kourtney continued supporting Travis at his concert Saturday night.

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