The Kardashians: Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner tried to prank Kris Jenner

The infamous sisters attempted to get a gasp from their mom Kris
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In a day in the lives of Kendall Jenner and her sister, Kylie Jenner, one can bet that they'll create a fun moment at an innocently intended expense of others. In this case, Kendall and Kylie targeted their mother, Kris Jenner, involving her beloved and precious poodle, Bridgette, for a prank.

During the June 20th episode of The Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie curated a prank, as the sisters thought it would be hysterical to get a rise out of Kris. The ruse involved styling Bridgette's hair into the classic continental cut, as Kendall loves the breed with that specific cut. It's the one that champion poodles have when they're competing in a dog show, with the ankle, chest, and tail poms, and the rest of their body is smooth.

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"I've always loved poodles that have like a traditional poodle cut with like the fluffy paws [and] the short hair on the main body, and [my mom] wouldn't cut Bridget that way," Kendall revealed in the episode. She elaborated that Bridgette is a rescue her mom adopted a few years ago, and she happens (and Corey Gamble) to love her.

"I'm nervous [about the prank] just because I just don't want to make [Mom] actually upset. That would be a problem," Kendall continues. "My mom has no clue."

"I think we should go and do it before [Mom and Corey] think about it too much," Kylie injected. "I mean, it's hair. It grows back.'

Eventually it does grow back, Kylie. Give it about six months to get back to the "normal" style.

Kendall and her sister havean apparents history of pranks, and pranking their mother, who is primarily a serious individual, would be the highlight. However, getting Bridgette involved when she has no choice in the matter could be a dead end.

"Kylie and I, [we] love a good prank, and we're on a mission today. I mean, hair grows, why not at least try?' Kendall says during her confessional but admits if her four-legged baby was cut in a hairstyle they didn't want, she'd be upset, too. Kris would play it cool since she was on camera but would call out her daughters at a later time, stating that she wasn't thrilled about the prank.

Did Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner pull off the prank on The Kardashians?

When Kendall and Kylie arrived at Kris's house, they discovered Bridget had already received a short haircut. As a result, the sisters couldn't pull off their prank. However, Bridgette got to meet Kylie's poodle puppy, Circus.

Kendall though, was disappointed that the prank was "an epic fail."

"Well, *expletive.* Bridget already has a haircut."

The sisters confessed to Kris that they attempted to prank her, but the momager thought that pulling a stunt on her would be easier. She told the girls to do better next time.

How can you not prank me?" Kris asked. "It's so easy, but this is the worst execution of a prank I have ever witnessed in my life. I mean, be a little bit more sneaky. Open the back door, grab the dog, [put] her in the car, and drive down the street. What is wrong with you guys? I have raised you smarter than this, okay?"

I don't know about you, but if anyone kidnaps-pranks my dogs, you can bet I'll suffer a massive heart attack.

The real victim here though is Corey, as Bridgette is his baby and analyzing the way he was concerned about his dog tells us that he would bring her the moon.

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