The Kardashians: Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian explain their sisterly bond

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney get to the details of their relationship.
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In this week's exciting episode of The Kardashians, sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Barker discussed their unique bond. Despite their feuds and fights, they love one another. We saw some pretty raw stuff between Kim and Kourtney in the nearly twenty years they've been on TV, and while it does make great reality TV material, it was intense at the same time.

As we were saying, in the May 30th episode of "Get It Together," Kourtney went into detail about the phone call and private "group chat" that occurred in the season 4 premiere. While Kim believed it was innocuous on her part, Kourtney found it offensive and hurtful, and she even called her sister an "evil witch."

It set the tone for season four, but the sisters truced and continued on their ways. In other words, the call caused a rift but has since been settled and buried.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian share their bond over a phone call

Now, a very pregnant Kourtney is looking back at that call and how it may have affected how people view her and Kim. Let it be a reminder that the eldest Kardashian sister doesn't care what others think of her, as she's living her best life. However, she wanted to make things crystal clear regarding the event, and she spoke with her business partner, Simon Huck.

"You know, [people] think that I'm like that we like, hate each other. Also, I so badly wanted to be like, by the way, I never knew that call was filmed."

Simon asked if Kim told Kourtney that she was filming the phone call.

"No. I just had a feeling that it was filmed, like after the fact, and then [Kim] was like, 'Yeah' and I'm like, 'You're not using it, but then then it's too good not to use."

In her confessions, Kourtney elaborated more on her and Kim's relationship and what she wants others to know before they judge or get too "analytical." We've been there and done that, so it's not uncommon to have some heat, but it's always good to let your emotions out and be on the same page (hopefully).

"We're sisters [and] I think people forget they always says on our show, 'How are they going to get through it and they pick sides' and everyone gets really riled up."

Kim offered her viewpoint on the deal, and just because she and Kourtney sometimes fight doesn't mean they hate each other. In fact, Kim even laughed at the idea.

"I think there's like a huge misconception that Kourtney and I hate each other. We really don't. "

Kourtney believes all siblings have their moments, and her family is no different. But she wonders if it's because she and her sisters are always in the spotlight, if it's more extreme, or if it's a different reason entirely.

"I'm sure [many] people have had crazy fights with their siblings. Maybe ours are more extreme. I'm not sure. I really don't know."

At the end of the day, Kim and Kourtney remain connected and authentic to one another. After all, they're family; no matter what happens, they've got each other's back. It may not look like it when the cameras are rolling, but you have to take Kim's word.

""The thing about Kourtney and I, no matter how crazy things are, no matter what's going on, if she needs something I'm there, if I need something she's there. We'll always be that way, no matter what we're going through.""

Let's see if there'll be more unfolding drama as season 5 rolls on!

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