Travis Barker shares his protective dad side when it comes to his daughter Alabama

Travis Barker tries to set a good foundation concerning his only daughter, Alabama. See what rules she must adhere to regarding her dating life.
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In a recent TikTok video that was posted on January 7th, Alabama Barker and her famous dad sat down for a candid interview. Alabama, who recently turned eighteen last month, asked Travis some hardcore questions about parenting. The blink-182 drummer was honest and thoughtful when it came to his answers.

The first question Alabama asked was if Travis was a "strict dad," and his reply was a soft "No." Her next question was a more hypothetical one, as she asked her dad what he'd do if she snuck out at night without his knowledge. And just because Alabama's a legal adult, it doesn't mean he'll stop protecting her.

"I'd tell you how dangerous it is, and maybe try to put you on restriction," Travis answered. For Alabama's response, she gave her dad a giggle and said,

"I'm not even kidding here [guys], but restriction was his thing!"

When it came to doing illegal substances or getting drunk with her friends, Travis went into his "protective-lecture dad mode" for the response.

"I would tell you [never] to do it again," he said, and his daughter affirmed that she doesn't do those things.

Dating life was more of a delicate topic to discuss, but Travis supplied Alabama with his best knowledge.

"What would you do if I went out with a boy, and I completely stopped answering?"

"I would come to your location and I would find you [and take you home]," Travis said.

As the questions progressed, Travis provided some relatable responses, further confirming that he makes an excellent dad. One such example was if Alabama had a boy in her bedroom, her dad will perform checks to see if everything is alright.

With all the good parenting Travis laid onto Alabama, she'll have no trouble being a big sister to her baby brother, Rocky Thirteen, whom Travis and Kourtney welcomed on November 1st, 2023.