Tristan Thompson gains guardianship of younger brother Amari Thompson

The LA Lakers player recently gained guardianship of Amari Thompson.
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As of February 26th, Tristan Thompson is now the legal guardian of his 17-year-old brother, Amari Thompson. The younger Thompson has epilepsy, cognitive disabilities, and other health conditions that require 24/7 medical care and support.

Before Tristan was granted guardianship, he and Amari's mother, Andrea, provided for his needs. Sadly, she passed away suddenly in January 2023 from a heart attack, leaving Tristan and Khloé Kardashian to care for Amari. The situation only grew Khloe's giving heart, as she has a special bond with him.

Per the Los Angeles County Superior Court documents obtained by People on Tuesday, they state guardianship conditions and Tristan's responsibilities in his new role.

On September 8th, 2023, Tristan filed for legal guardianship, affirming that he is Amari's primary family member and that it would be in his brother's "best interest" to have Tristan as his guardian, as it "would ensure providing and fulfilling his basic needs."

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After getting temporary guardianship of Amari in late September after filing, it's now permanent. Therefore, the brothers reside in Hidden Hills, a gated community in Los Angeles. Previously, Tristan and Amari lived with Khloé for a while, as their house was getting restructured after inclement weather damage.

Then, there was the question of locating Tristan and Amari's father, Trevor Thompson, who "left" the family in 2014, making Andrea the sole guardian of her youngest son. Due to Trevor's leaving and lack of financial assistance, the Courts determined him ineligible for guardianship and stated a reunion is not plausible.

As quoted in the documents, "reunification" between Amari and his father is "not viable due to neglect [and] abandonment, under California Law."

Tristan will also manage the $103,475 inheritance Andrea bequeathed to Amari, for the purpose of travel, activities, medical needs, residency, and legal arrangements for Amari.

Khloé documented Amari's condition in the fourth season of The Kardashians. She honored Andrea's wish to provide Amari with everything he needed and shed additional light on his life. Amari was included in the family portraits at the Christmas Eve party and is loved by all the family members.

Khloé shares two children with Tristan, True and Tatum.

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