Kanye West Settles Lawsuit With Paparazzi From Scuffle


Kanye West is in the news, like every day because he is so polarizing and entertaining, aside from his lyrical prowess. This time it isn’t in such a positive light as most of the news surrounding him lately with all the new music coming out.

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This is over an incident between Kanye and a paparazzi back in July of 2013 at the Los Angeles International Airport. A photographer who was harassing West and Yeezy himself were involved in a scuffle.

The photog lawyered up with noted celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and sued West. But West and the photographer settled on Tuesday according to various reports.

Of course Allred, used the platform to criticize celebrities.

“We believe that this case sent an important message. Celebrities are not above the law, and they have no right to physically attack someone simply because they were asked a question,” Allred said, via Reuters.

The interesting here is the obvious contradiction. So celebrities like Kanye West shouldn’t be treated differently in the court of law, fine.

But West is subjected to scrutiny every damn day of his life, including when he was innocently walking out of an airport and had a camera shoved in his face.

I mean, look at this photo this woman posted on Instagram.

This woman supposedly was oblivious to the fact that entertainment’s greatest power couple — yeah, I said it — was sitting right behind her.

Then she is applauded in the comments and called a hero for being unaware that Kanye West and his beautiful wife Kim Kardashian are over his shoulder.

This isn’t something that anyone else has to endure.

I mean, the man is walking out an airport and has him asking questions and sticking cameras in his face. If I got home from the airport and a bunch of cameras were shoved in my face I’d be upset too.

If you missed the incident in question, you can watch it below and relive the horror. This first is from TMZ and has Harvey Levin unloading on Kanye West like he is some kind of criminal on a rampage, which grabbing at a camera hardly qualifies as.

Here is a nother angle of the whole incident, and while it doesn’t necessarily paint West in a great light, it shows the scrutiny he is under the second he walks out from the airport.

I couldn’t live with that kind of pressure and attention.

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