Top 5 Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Posts From 2017


Things have been tough for Kim Kardashian lately. She was mugged in Paris, previously had jewelry stolen, and went through a really tough and long divorce before finally meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Kanye West.

After all of that chaos in her life, Kim took a break from Instagram and social media to spend some time with her family.

Kardashian’s assistant, Stephanie Shepard, confirmed that the break from social media saying Kim is taking a “much needed” break from her app and social media in the aftermath of her frightening experience in Paris.

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Shortly after the announcement back in October, the Kardashian crew took it a step further and said that her app (which is a virtual world where you get to play a Kardashian) would also not be updated for awhile. Fans were left confused and sadden by the lack of Kim’s social media presence, but she promised it would not be forever.

When fans opened the app, a pop up message on the app let fans know that the hiatus would be short lived. In the meantime the free content on the app would be updated by guests. While, the paid portion would lack exclusive content until Kim decided to return to social media.

However, since October of 2016, Kim has had a lot of time to regroup with her family and has taken back over the Internet returning to social media some weeks later with pictures of her family after rumors that her and Kayne might be having marital problems.

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Although Kim is very specific in what she shows online in terms of her kids, she does give fans a slight glimpse into her life.

Below are the five best Instagram posts since Kim has been back in action online.

Paris Won’t Beat Me

Family is always First

Do Blondes Have More Fun

Rare Picture of North

Friends Selfie