Kendall Jenner Faces Harsh Criticism After Controversial AD


Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star, supermodel, and Kardashian sister, Kendall Jenner, is not having a good week after appearing in a controversial commercial. The commercial has sparked a public outcry forcing the company to make a statements. The commercial has been pulled.

Kendall Jenner might want to stick to fashion after her latest commercial sparked serious problems depicting Jenner joining a group of protestors in an online ad.

The  two-minute digital commercial shows Jenner wearing a white/blonde wig which she rips off and enters a crowd of people protesting.

Although it is unclear as to what the march is about, Jenner joins in to “show support.” She is seen holding a can of Pepsi. As she walks through the crowd she makes her way to a line of police officers who are standing in a line formation and offers one of them a soda.

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However, that moment seems to be the most controversial. People have been comparing that scene to a picture taken of a woman being detained by police officers in Baton Rouge.

Unfortunately, it gets worse for Jenner as she continues to prance around in the commercial. She is seen walking by break-dancers, a woman wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf laughing and taking pictures, and other protestors fist pumping each other and Jenner as she walks through the crowd.

It ends with a slew of people behind her with the logo “Live Bolder” as she continues to walk with a Pepsi in tow.

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Pepsi reacted fast to the overwhelming negativity online by pulling the video from YouTube and releasing a statement on their Twitter account saying they “missed the mark” and even apologized to Jenner.

Jenner has yet to release a statement about her involvement or issue an apology for appearing in the advertisement. What did you think of the video?