Twitter Attacks Kendall Jenner After Epic Failure


Kendall Jenner, best known as a fashion model and reality star has come under attack after appearing in an controversial Pepsi digital advertisement.

Jenner was asked to participate in a Pepsi commercial set to air digitally to promote the “live bolder” brand. The commercial was live for 24 hours before being pulled due to some harsh criticism.

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The commercial showed Jenner leaving what looks like a fashion show (taking off a white wig and rubbing off her make up) to join a march in the streets.

The protestors seem calm as they laughed, took photos, walked together, and fist pumped.

Jenner gives a soda to one of the officers and continues marching. At the end of the commercial people have begun to following her.

All while holding a can of Pepsi as the “live bolder” logo appears.

Pepsi released a statement on their Twitter account saying they “missed the mark.”

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However, an apology from the soda company has not stopped people from tweeting harsh words at Jenner:

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