Kourtney Kardashian poses naked in new photoshoot


The Kardashian’s have never been shy about showing their bodies and posting provocative photos or participating in risky photoshoots. So, in keeping with tradition Kourtney Kardashian decided to show off her post mom bod while on vacation.

In a new photo shoot while on a family trip in Costa Rica, Kourtney Kardashian decided to show her sisters that she still looks good after having kids and went naked to prove it.

In a spir of the moment decision (the Kardashian way), Kourtney decided to work with photographer Mike Rosenthal to help capture some bare moments as Kourtney posed naked by the pool side.

The mom of three was completely comfortable during the photoshoot and allowed her sisters Kylie, Kim, and Khloe to watch her.

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“Kourt, you are giving life right now!” hairstylist Jen Atkin said as she watched Kourtney pose and smile for the camera. In a new clip you see Kourtney tell her sisters they have been fighting over a throne she created years earlier (since she is the oldest).

“I’m just sitting on the throne,” Kourtney shouted.

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However, it did take awhile for Kourtney to come back after having Penelope. Khloe said it wasn’t simple.

“I honestly was worried about you after Penelope,” Khloe told Kourtney during a confessional on the show. “I did think, like, she’s gone. Now, she’s YOLO-ing it up, f–king bomb ass body, naked in the pool and your sisters should be afraid of you ’cause you just took the crown.”

The sisters supported Kourtney throughout her entire naked pool photo shoot even snapping photos themselves.

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Kylie Jenner, known for her style, snapped a photo of Kourtney and said how jealous she was of her sister.

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