Kim Kardashian is cashing in on the fidget spinner craze


Kim Kardashian is a shrewd businesswoman, which she proved once again by getting in on the fidget spinner craze. 

Those who have already purchased a fidget spinner know just how addictive the simple little toys can be. Apparently, Kim Kardashian knows too because The Verge reported that the KUWTK star decided to carry her own line of the fun toys that includes the ever-popular fidget spinner.

It turns out that Kim Kardashian’s fidget spinner isn’t going to look like the ones we’ve seen at the checkout counter in every grocery store and gas station lately. Instead, Kim’s version is going to be shaped like a dollar sign, gold-colored and inscribed with the word “Daddy.” Kim calls it the “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” which perfectly describes the gadget.

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While most of the basic fidget spinners that are hitting the market are much cheaper, Kim’s golden fidget spinner sells for $15 plus another $4 for shipping and handling. That isn’t too far off in terms of the cost for a customized spinning toy. However, some social media users think the price is just too high for a gadget that spins in circles and doesn’t do anything else.

It turns out that we’re not the only ones to notice the growing popularity of the fidget spinner or how it seems to be sold literally everywhere. Even Kim knows and was smart enough to cash in on the fad quickly telling Time, “When you start seeing these things flying off the shelf at your local 7-11, you know things are heating up,”

The “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” is just one of a group of “daddy” labeled products that KIm Kardashian will be selling. Kim announced that she had a new group of items coming in the post below, which is an adorable throwback photo of herself.

The “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” is gimmicky like many other Kim K. offerings lately. It wasn’t long ago that she offered up pool floats with images of some of her Kimojis on them. She also celebrated 420 by offering up several marijuana-friendly items for sale. Those who are interested in buying any of Kim Kardashian’s merchandise should head over to her Kimoji website and start shopping.