Is Kim Kardashian’s surrogate pregnant already?


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made news this week when it was learned that they chose a surrogate to carry their third child. 

We just learned a few days ago that Kim Kardashian has decided to have a surrogate carry her third child after suffering pregnancy complications with both of her previous pregnancies. Now, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Kim and Kanye could already be pregnant.

Well, to be technical, the surrogate would be pregnant but the point is that the Kardashian-West family could be expanding sooner rather than later. Making the report even more exciting is the suggestion that Kim’s surrogate may be pregnant with twins! The source of the shocking (possible) pregnancy news comes from a close family friend, so says the report.

Kim has shared with Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans that she plans to use a surrogate for her third (and probably not final) pregnancy because of the pregnancy complications she suffered from North and Saint. Kim has two scary conditions that make it risky to carry another child to term. Pre-eclampsia was the reason Kim gave birth to North several weeks early. She also was diagnosed with placenta accreta with that pregnancy.

When Kim Kardashian was pregnant with Saint, she was warned that she would most likely suffer pregnancy complications again and suffer she did. Again, Kim dealt with placenta accreta and had to have the placenta manually removed from her uterus by having the doctor reach up and detach it herself. Kim ended up having a bleeding problem because of the placenta removal that also caused a small hole to form in her uterus.

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After giving birth to Saint, Kim went back in to have surgery to remove a left-behind piece of placenta and repair the uterine hole. It turns out that the procedure wasn’t successful like they had hoped and Kim was warned against getting pregnant on her own again.

Kim shared that her medical history is the real reason that she decided to find a surrogate for the next child. Previously, she had said she didn’t want to go that route and preferred to carry her children herself. Despite Kim’s well-documented health struggles during pregnancy, many Kardashian critics have continued to gossip about the surrogate news, claiming that Kim’s vanity got the best of her.

Considering how recently Kim Kardashian’s surrogate news came out, it would be amazing if there was already a pregnancy underway. Then again, maybe that’s why Kim and Kanye let everyone know they are going this route to expand their family. It’s always best to share news like this before it gets spilled anyway. Hopefully, these rumors that Kim Kardashian’s surrogate is already pregnant are true. If not, let her get pregnant very soon!