Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty launch proves she is still on top


Kim Kardashian debuted KKW Beauty recently and sold out of contour kids in under an hour. 

KKW Beauty recently debuted and Kim Kardashian sold 300,000 contour kits via the internet in under an hour. Kim’s new makeup brand debut has been incredibly successful, further proving that she is the queen of makeup, beauty, and social media.

While there have been mixed reviews from those who logged in and bought their KKW Beauty contour kits first, it seems that maybe they just need a bit of help in proper application. After all, Cosmopolitan recently reported on Kim Kardashian’s tutorial on how to use her products and it looks like she has her technique down.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a tutorial on Instagram Live that shows exactly how to apply her contour and highlighter kit. In the video, Kim uses only her own KKW Beauty contour and highlighter to show her fans how to apply the new beauty products flawlessly.

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When it was first revealed that Kim was coming out with the KKW Beauty makeup line, there were questions about whether she was stepping on Kylie Jenner’s toes. After all, the youngest of the sisters has been selling makeup under the Kylie Cosmetics brand for a couple of years now.

It turns out that Kylie is on board with Kim’s new business venture. Kim and Kylie have even partnered up for some beauty releases. It’s great news that there’s no bad blood betwen Kim and Kylie over their similar products. Then again, Kim is currently selling contour kits while Kylie is most famous for lipsticks and glosses.

Both of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are doing pretty well for themselves. It was just revealed today that all five of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters made it onto the top 10 of the Instagram Rich List. Even after Kim’s months-long absence from social media, she’s still managed to stay the most popular sister. Kylie isn’t too far behind her, though, which may be why both sisters have started really stepping up their exposure lately in a bid to engage new social media followers.