Kanye West leaves Tidal over money dispute


Last week, Jay Z released his new album 4:44 and now we’re learning that Kanye West has left the Tidal music streaming service.

Kanye West has ended his relationship with the Tidal music streaming service and it seems like the reason is money. The “Real Friends” rapper is reportedly finding out who his friends really are lately and it looks like Tidal founder Jay Z is not one of them anymore.

According to TMZKanye sent a letter to Tidal via his lawyers to terminate his contract with the streaming service. In the letter, he claims that the service owes him $3 million and because he has not been paid, the contract has been breached and Kanye wants out.

Due to his previously much better relationship with Jay Z, when Tidal launched, Kanye West was one of the first artists to sign up and support him. Last year, Kanye’s Life of Pablo album was released exclusively on the streaming service.

Kanye West credits his involvement with Tidal for 1.5 million of their subscribers. He claims that the increased number of listeners was tied to a bonus that was never paid out. He also claims that Tidal never paid him for work for music videos that Kanye produced exclusively for them.

In response to news that Kanye West is leaving the music service, Tidal has responded and said they will sue him, ironically, for breach of contract.

This is just the latest in a feud that has been brewing between Jay Z and Kanye West. News that Kanye wanted to leave Tidal came after Jay Z released 4:44 and it was learned that he took shots at Kanye in one of his songs.

There were plenty of events that led to this latest hip hop feud. Last year, when Kanye West had his breakdown on stage in Sacramento, he went off about how Jay Z and Beyonce couldn’t even bother to stop by and check on Kim and himself after she was robbed in Paris. He even ranted out how their kids had never even had a play date.

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Prior to that, Kanye took to Twitter and ranted about how he wasn’t a fan of exclusive music deals like the one he entered into with Tidal. “This Tidal Apple beef is f**king up the music game. Let the kids have the music,” Kanye wrote.

There was also tension after Kim and Kanye’s wedding after it was learned that Jay Z and Beyonce were invited but skipped the festivities and didn’t even let Kanye know they weren’t coming. Jay and Bey have made it pretty clear that they don’t want to be friends with Kim and Kanye. Now it looks like friendship isn’t even an option anymore because this is turning into an all out war.

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