The Kardashian family stays silent, not pleased with Rob’s social media feud with Blac Chyna


The Kardashian family has not made an official statement after Rob’s social media attack on Blac Chyna. 

Rob Kardashian spent most of Wednesday on social media as he piled accusations against his ex-fiance Blac Chyna. Meanwhile, the rest of the Kardashian family stayed quiet amid the drama, not wanting to involve themselves in Rob’s mess.

It turns out that the Kardashian family silence does not mean they condone what Rob did. Instead, People reports that a source close to the family is talking and according to them, Rob’s family is “deeply frustrated and disappointed with the drama that went down.

While many have said that Rob has nothing to worry about, fans are worried that he could be facing some legal trouble for posting nude photos of Chyna at the height of his rant. According to California’s revenge porn laws, Rob could be facing jail time if Chyna decides to press it and can prove that her ex caused her mental anguish as the result of the shared photos.

It seems that the Kardashian family has been thinking much more clearly than Rob. After all, they like many others are worried about how Dream is going to deal with all of this back and forth between her parents.

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Even if Rob and Chyna manage to sort out their mess and co-parent properly from this point on, there is still the issue of this most recent fight and all of the information that Rob posted on the internet that won’t ever go away.

Yesterday, “Poor Dream” trended on Twitter as those who had been following the Rob Kardashian Instagram frenzy wondered how all of this fighting between her parents was going to affect their baby.

There have been some questions about what might happen with Dream Kardashian now that Rob and Chyna are definitely not getting along. As of Wednesday night, it looks like Dream was with her dad. While he was still ranting on social media, Rob said there was no way he would be sending her back to Blac Chyna’s house with all the random men and drugs running through it.

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