Kim Kardashian responds to backlash from North (not) wearing a corset


Kim Kardashian is living to shut down the mommy shamers who commented on North West and her dress. 

Kim Kardashian has been spending her day defending the clothes she puts on North West. During a trip to New York, Kim faced some backlash. First, there was an incident with Snapchat and now, it is all about North’s fashion.

The paparazzi were out in full force and caught a photo of North West wearing what appeared to be a corset. Once the photo circulated, people went nuts with accusations about Kardashian’s parenting skills.

Responding to haters isn’t exactly what Kim Kardashian enjoys doing, but this time, she took it all the way. According to the Hollywood Gossip, a video made by Kim Kardashian details the “corset” that North was wearing that sparked the outrage.

It is apparently designed to look like a corset, but it is made of cotton. Kardashian tweeted the video and gave a clap back to the Daily Mail in the process.

The opinions about how North West was wearing a corset at just 4-years-old were incredibly harsh. She was photographed and from a distance, the assumption was legitimate.

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Kim Kardashian spoke about how she liked the look and purchased the dress for her daughter from a designer. She did not design the dress, something she made incredibly clear throughout her video.

With everything going on, Kim Kardashian is willing to snap back at the haters, but she has remained silent on Rob Kardashian. This is typical of the family, especially when something huge happens.

She seems to feel like personal attacks on her need to be dealt with and the chaos happening with her brother isn’t something she wants to be a part of. Currently, Kim is dealing with a rumored feud, and several other things being thrown her way as the days go by.

Thankfully, the debate has been settled about North’s wardrobe has been settled. While she was wearing something resembling a corset, it was not the real deal at all.

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