Lamar Odom offers some advice for Rob Kardashian amid Blac Chyna drama


Before all the drama, Lamar Odom and Rob Kardashian were close friends and now, the former NBA star is watching from afar. 

Lamar Odom admitted that he hasn’t talked to Rob Kardashian since he divorced Khloe. That doesn’t mean that Lamar doesn’t care about Rob. In fact, he cares very much and is hoping Rob pulls through the Blac Chyna scandal unscathed.

When Odom was questioned about the Blac Chyna nude photo scandal on the red carpet of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, he didn’t hold back. Lamar told Erin Lim from E! News that Rob should “Stay strong.”

Then Lamar followed up his first little bit of wisdom by saying, “Put God first.”

That might be some pretty good advice, especially in Rob’s case where the damage is already done. It’s not like he can travel back and not post Blac Chyna’s nude photos to Instagram.

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Lamar Odom also recently said that he doesn’t blame Rob for walking away from him after his split from Khloe. That was due to the fact that Lamar hurt Khloe so bad and Rob is her brother, after all.

Lamar said that he’s in a really good place right now. The former NBA star claims to be sober and very happy.

Despite the former brother in laws being on the outs, it really sounds like Lamar Odom still cares for his former roommate. Maybe there is a chance that, in the future, Lamar and Rob can reconnect.  After all, Rob really could use all the support he can get right now, especially if Lamar is sober and taking care of himself again.

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