Rob Kardashian reportedly skirts planned intervention, ghosts his mom and sisters


Rob Kardashian needs help, but he seems to be avoiding the ones who can help him the most. 

It has been almost two weeks since Rob Kardashian lost his cool and declared all out war on Blac Chyna on social media. Since then, he reportedly apologized to his mom, Kris Jenner, and his sisters.

There have been no official comments from the Kardashian camp about what went down between Rob and Chyna. Leave it to Kim who may have sent a subtle dig.

There have been some concerns voiced about Rob Kardashian and his mental stability. Fans have been commenting on social media about the situation. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Kardashians had planned an intervention for Rob, but he opted not to show up.

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He reportedly got a tip about what Kris Jenner and his sisters were planning, and now, he has ghosted them. This is very troubling.  Just a few days ago, he was having a dance party with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Rob Kardashian has remained silent since his outbursts on Instagram and Twitter back on July 5. He is banned from contacting Blac Chyna about anything other than their daughter. A restraining order that was put into place last Monday to protect Chyna.

The lack of accountability of Kardashian has people worried. He isn’t really grasping just what he did when he shared the nude photos of his baby mama across social media. The accusations he threw out about drugs and men are the least of his worries.

Back when Rob Kardashian was actually a part of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there were red flags about his mental health. He took his break-up with Adrienne Bailon really hard, and that seems to be when the decline happened.

Fans have been commenting about his weight gain and depression for years. There has been speculation that he feels “less than” when it comes to his successful sisters, and the pressure to keep up an image is too much for him.

Fans hope that Rob Kardashian will get help in battling the demons that are plaguing him. His quality of life could be so much better if he would accept the help his mom and sisters are offering him.

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