Lamar Odom is planning a tell-all book that has the Kardashians worried


The Kardashians are worried that a Lamar Odom tell all book would uncover too many family secrets. 

Lamar Odom recently revealed that he’s working on a tell all book about his own life. Now that the fallen NBA star is clean and sober, he is opening up about the highs and lows of his life.

News that Lamar is working on a new book is worrisome to the Kardashians. They work hard to keep the family secrets safe and many worry that Lamar could literally “tell all” in his upcoming tell all book.

Hollywood Life reported on Lamar’s book plans, claiming that the former NBA star is penning his memoirs. From the way things sound, and knowing enough about Lamar, it doesn’t sound like he would intentionally use the book to air the Kardashians’ dirty laundry.

After all, Lamar recently offered advice for Rob Kardashian amid the Blac Chyna drama. He also recently admitted that he wasn’t good to Khloe.

When Lamar Odom nearly died of an overdose at a Nevada brothel, Khloe Kardashian was by his side throughout his recovery. She even helped Lamar afterward, only finally leaving him and filing for divorce when it was clear that Lamar was out of the woods.

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For that, Lamar has a lot to be grateful. It is also assumed that he may avoid dishing any real Kardashian dirt because of the way they have treated him even when he was at his worst.

The thing is, at least according to BET, Lamar Odom knows a lot about the Kardashian family and Khloe specifically. The famous family is worried because, while they believe Lamar wouldn’t do it, if he really wants to make big money on his book, he’ll need to drop some Kardashian secrets in it. They’re hoping that he will respect the reality TV family enough to not do that.

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