Tyga claims he warned Rob Kardashian about Blac Chyna


Tyga was right there watching while Rob Kardashian romanced his baby mama Blac Chyna. 

Now that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are split for good, the “Rack City” rapper has opened up. Not about his own failed relationship. Though he did say that he wasn’t pining away for a chance to get back with Jenner. Instead, Tyga started talking about Rob and Chyna.

According to TMZTyga said that he tried to warn Rob about what Blac Chyna was really like. He said that the warning went ignore because it was too late, Rob was already in love with Chyna and wouldn’t listen to any warnings.

And warned he was! We already know that Rob’s famous sisters did everything they could to get their brother to see Chyna for what she was. Now it looks like Rob is learning the hard way and is facing possible legal trouble after dropping Blac Chyna’s nude pics on Instagram and Twitter in order to get back at his ex-fiance.


The whole thing started after Blac Chyna sent Rob a video of her kissing another man. She said she was trying to get him to leave her alone, all the while still accepting Rob’s lavish gifts and, at least according to him, still sleeping with him.

Seeing Chyna’s video sent Rob into a rage and he unleashed all of his anger on social media. Now Chyna is enjoying a publicity tour and a new role as a women’s rights spokesperson. She is flanked by high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom.

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Chyna has been invited to do several interviews including stops with Good Morning America and People Magazine. While Rob’s revenge porn share may have been illegal, it’s clear that she isn’t embarrassed or ashamed of the pictures.

They haven’t ruined her life and really, Rob’s social media share might have actually upped her celebrity status and earned Chyna more money. That’s certainly not the intent of California’s revenge porn laws but like Blac Chyna keeps telling people, she can drop as many nude photos of herself as she wants. When someone else shares a picture of her, such as in Rob’s case, it is illegal.

Now it looks like Rob will be paying for that mistake forever. If only he had taken Tyga’s advice and left Blac Chyna alone.

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